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Loyalty programs are usually pretty boring, the customer makes a purchase, receives points and walks out of the store. Not only are the traditional loyalty programs uninteresting, they are expensive and difficult to implement. AdvanTag has created technology that allows small to medium sized businesses manage their own loyalty programs via the AdvanTag web platform and push them to their in-store AdvanTag tablet in seconds.

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What Makes AdvanTag Different ?

AdvanTag differentiates from traditional loyalty programs because it allows businesses to give instant and relevant rewards to their customers for physically checking in at a location, sharing to social media, filling out a survey, giving a customer experience rating, and other fun and engaging programs. AdvanTag even allows businesses to run digital spin to win and scratch to win contests via an AdvanTag powered tablet.
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Get to know your customers

Improve customer service and increase sales by tracking in-store analytics via the AdvanTag platform. AdvanTag provides quantative and qualitative data about your customer, which allows businesses to better understand the needs and objectives of each customer who signs up for the AdvanTag Platform.  Administrators for the AdvanTag platform can analyze data in the cloud through our data rich visualizations tools. Analytics can be broken down by each program that is running or through a central dashboard which collects demographics about your customers.

AdvanTag for Events

AdvanTag offers fun and engaging digital activations for events and experiential campaigns. We have had tremendous success implementing digital activations for our clients and partners.The AdvanTag team works directly with clients or partners with experiential marketing firms to offer a unique digital solution that create results. Whether your trying to increase traffic to your booth, run raffles or draws, gamify the event experience, incorporate an event based social sharing campaign or give rewards for filling out surveys and providing feedback, The AdvanTag team can help.

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How does AdvanTag create a Return on Investment?

Customer Retention

Acquire, retain and grow customers by offering them a fun and engaging loyalty program that provides unique and instant rewards.

Advocate Marketing Programs

Turn your most loyal customers into brand advocates by rewarding them for broadcasting pictures, posts and content to social media channels.

Digital Loyalty

Throw those paper loyalty cards out the window. Know your best customers when they visit, Increase accuracy, avoid fraudulent acts, and keep track of all loyalty through the AdvanTag digital loyalty platform.

Data Visualization and Analytics

Measure new vs.returning customers, total check-ins, demographics and recent check-ins through an easy to use main dashboard. AdvanTag also provides program specific analytics and key performance indicators.

Social Integration

Run social media campaigns via the AdvanTag platform and give rewards for sharing to social channels, while tracking executions, click-throughs/referrals, Facebook likes, Facebook comments and social influencers.

Increase Opt-in’s

Increase direct marketing opportunities, qualified leads and the size of your businesses opt-in list by offering  relevant rewards and capturing information about your customers.


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